Branding creates company recognition. You need to have a style and a look, one that represents you and helps you stand out from the competition. Your full guide will tell you how to look online, on social media and in all print mediums. When people see your products they know they are part of your company family.


A professional logo design is simple enough to be memorable, but powerful enough to give the desired impression of your company. However while many companies start with a logo, they don’t expand from there. You need full creative direction, if anyone comes in to make a youtube video, or print a brochure, they should all feel like they are coming from the same place. Your style guide holds this creative power. 


A company logo grabs attention. It can make a strong first impression, and should be the foundation of your brand identity. Logo development goes through many stages, there is never just a single idea. Many options are played around with until we find the one that fosters brand loyalty.

Colour & Typography

Colour and type are the heart of your company brand. It may seem like two simple elements, but the choice of fonts used, and the size and the weight can say a 1000 things about who you are. I take a strong look at your brand and build up a style around this. Coca-Cola cans are red, we will never forget that.


Consistency is the most important result of your branding. Customers need to see a style, see your logo, or see certain fonts and colours used…and know they have come from you. Branding needs to have a subliminal effect on customer’s minds, without them being aware of it.

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