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fiftyone is a pop-up art gallery in Sydney, Australia. Created by artists to showcase the work of other local artists. Free-style in approach, the organisation does not over-think whose work is displayed, nor who is invited, but there is a chosen style for each event. To get their name out there they needed a very simple brand style. The colour comes from the art.


  • Logo
  • Overall branding style
  • Firm colour/font direction
  • All promo work


  • Abstract art fans
  • Younger social audience
  • Local community
  • Loud music


  • Ongoing

Simplistic Logo Design

Black and white. Simple. This was my first thought about the logo design. For an art gallery no colour needed to come across from the logo. The colour comes from the art displayed. I decided to go with a very handwritten style, rather than a technical or digital style. That represented the very hand-made, anything goes, fiftyone style. The logo worked perfectly on all promotional material, clearly showing off the name in an artistic way.

Posters Representing Branding Style

Each fiftyone gallery had a different style. All art was made in that theme, and the event had performances, games and displays showing off this flair. I started by making posters for the first few events. I used artwork from the artists, and played around with a different headline styles. A hip-hop art gallery had a hip-hip style poster. Simple. Just like the logo. This helped take the gallery’s style forward and laid the foundations for a very successful venture. 

fiftyone art gallery poster square
fiftyone art gallery shoulder bag 1
fiftyone art gallery flyers
fiftyone art gallery website
fiftyone art gallery business card
fiftyone art gallery hip hop night
fiftyone art gallery posters

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