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As creative designer of the Get Stoked travel app I worked on all promotional branding. This was a small startup who needed to get their name out there, into a very saturated travel market. The brand demographic was a very young backpacker adventurer, so products were built to appear in hostels and nomad hotspots.


  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Marketing examples
  • Promotional direction


  • Young backpackers
  • 18-30
  • Budget travel
  • Hostel users


  • December 2016

Promotional Design

I focussed on using the brand for advertising and promotional items, in countries popular with backpackers. For instance a series of cool posters displayed inside hostels across Asia were created, as well as stickers handed out to potential customers. T-shirts were worn by staff members when the app was being shown off. The demographic was one who traveled on a budget, therefore the style needed to be bold and bright, but not appear out of their price range. Above all it was the opposite of the look used by five-star hotels in luxurious locations.

Logo & Colour

The bright yellow style became prominent in all branding, this suited this younger audience and jumped out in front of customers who moved around constantly. For the logo I incorporated this well-recognised ‘stoked’ hand signal so the product stood out as being quirky and fun. It was immediately appealing to the demographic: a young, on-the-go generation.

Get Stoked backpacker travel app logo
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get stoked travel app design stickers
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