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I have been working with Out & About with Kids for a number of years. I worked with them on the print magazine, the digital version, and the overall website/social media presence. In 2017 the company branding was looking outdated, and was not really talking to their overall customer demographic, so I was brought in to refresh all of this. 


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  • Australian families
  • Explorers
  • Low-cost travel
  • Postitive


  • October 2017


Travelling with kids is a market that can often be presented in the wrong way, by some travel companies. Travelling with your family should always be fun, but it should never be cheapened, or aimed directly at the children, as it is the adults that are making the bookings. I put together a brand new logo that appeared professional and trustworthy, but that had a subtle little hint towards the fun family element, with the hand written notes at the end.

Colour scheme

Out & About with Kids was a company that had gone through many different design changes, overtime, and it has lost a strong colour direction. Therefore I scrapped all other colours that were being used and moved towards a strong bold teal colour palette, that helps them stand out from all other competitors. It gives them a strong personality.

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“Jon Wolfgang Miller is a creative dynamo with inspiring positive energy. Ultimately professional, intuitively creative, and a genuinely fantastic person to work with on magazine design.”


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