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The Adventurists Purveyors of Chaos rickshaw run sticker 1


The Adventurists is a super cool travel company that organises and runs unique trips for intrepid explorers. All in exotic locations around the world. Travellers always use an unusual vehicle for this journey, and they needed extra promotional items for these adventures. 


  • Promo logos
  • Adventure stickers
  • T-shirts
  • Race banner


  • Young adventurers
  • 20-40
  • Living on the edge
  • Chaos!


  • February 2017

The Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally is one of The Adventurist’s most kooky trips that travellers can immerse themselves in. It is an intercontinental car rally that begins in Europe and ends up in Russia. Drivers take a very old car that is likely to break down. All cars partaking are therefore marked up accordingly, so they needed new logo stickers for these disaster vehicles. I came up with an overall style for this, using some suitable fonts inside a wreath. This design was used for staff t-shirts, infographics, and flags & banners to celebrate reaching the finish line.

Rickshaw Run Sticker

Spreading the love across India I produced stickers for The Adventurists, to be used in the Rickshaw Run. Here teams need to ride an tuk-tuk 4000km across India, and this isn’t a very safe country for driving! The sticker goes on the back all of rickshaws. It uses a stupid amount of bright colours, in the same way all Indian vehicles show themselves off. In other words it follows all national trends.

The Adventurists Purveyors of Chaos mongol rally tshirt blue
The Adventurists Purveyors of Chaos mongol rally sticker 1
The Adventurists Purveyors of Chaos mongol rally infographic
The Adventurists Purveyors of Chaos logo mongol rally featured
The Adventurists Purveyors of Chaos mongol rally finish line

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