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Twisted Atlas is a photography travel website focussing on random locations. It is aimed at explorers who want to hear more about parts of the world they know nothing about. Therefore the branding here needed to successfully promote such a brand to intrepid adventurers. 


  • Logo
  • Full company branding
  • Style guide
  • Social media


  • Photographers
  • Editorial audience
  • 30-50
  • Intrepid adventurers


  • August 2016


I understood from the get-go that Twisted Atlas wanted to convey its distinctive niche approach to travel inspiration. It was not be placed in the same basket as regular travel bloggers, where professional and unusual photography isn’t a highlight. Imagery was the main direction here. Getting hold of the right style, nothing too commercial. Above all I tried to let the imagery do the talking. Keeping all branding elements at a very subtle, but noticeable presence, allowed this to happen.

Typography Logo

I created a strong typography-based logo. This assisted Twisted Atlas in remaining true to its avant-garde approach. In addition this extremely clean style allowed all high quality photography to stand out. Once the website was visited by users, they immediately grasped the direction. These underlying factors helped differentiate Twisted Atlas from other travel blogs.

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