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Tyler Holt Weddings stationary


Tyler Holt Weddings was set up to to help with wedding planning, coordination and styling in Sydney. The company was fully aware of the local competition, so needed a strong branding style that allowed them to show off their unique wedding styles, to be aimed at the correct level of audience. 


  • Website build
  • Logo & Styleguide
  • Colour scheme


  • Highbrow
  • Luxury
  • Elegant


  • September 2020

Pastel Colours

The colour scheme here was created with a clear brief from the company, and a clear idea of their demographic. From here I build the logo, making sure it had a light/subtle presence, and was supported by a highbrow serif typography.

With this styleguide I was able to help the team build company clothing, stationary and company brochures. This meant that any communication with their customers always had the same style and elegance that they wanted to display.

Tyler Holt Weddings logo
Tyler Holt Weddings polo shirt
Tyler Holt Weddings website
Tyler Holt Weddings business card


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