Digital Media is all around us, it is part of our lives. Right now, you are consuming digital media. Behind the scenes I can create websites, work on SEO, on social media, apps and eBooks. As this field is changing so quickly I am here to help you keep up in this developing digital world.

Website • Social Media • eBook • SEO

Websites take on many different forms. Picking the right style, to suit your business, is where I can help out. I will create a site based around user experience, and one that perfectly fits your company branding and style. Beyond websites we can look at improving your SEO, and make more new customers find you site in the digital universe. Then we can look at social media, eBooks, apps, newsletters and all other digital marketing approaches. A full creative service will stay on top on this, increasing your digital presence and helping you raise audience numbers.


User experience (UX) provides relevant encounters, and user interface (UI) focuses on aesthetics of the digital medium. This maximises efficiency, customers who feel comfortable will come back for more. I look at these before starting on digital projects.

User Testing

User testing helps us evaluate how your customers use certain services. We can take a look at current set-ups, and planned updates, to see if the UX settings are working best here. I use A/B testing to get the best results and give the best experiences.


When tests have been carried out I work with you, and the branding styleguides, to release or update a digital product. This will be part of your company family, and its purpose will be to increase customer numbers and online effectiveness.

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