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Soomom is a cycling clothing company that was launched in 2020. They focus on high quality clothing, sustainability and straight/clean fashion. They do not yet have any physical stores so all sales happen online. They came to me to redesign their Shopify website, and to come up with an overall new branding style, that worked with the company beliefs.


  • Full website redesign
  • EDM
  • Instagram carousels
  • Clothing design


  • 30-40 year old cyclists
  • Looking for quality
  • Simple clothing design
  • Active


  • Ongoing


‘High class. But not too busy. And not too full on’. This was the overall company direction I was giving when I began work with Soomom. Sport clothing companies always deal with a lot of competition so I needed to create a website style that stood out from all the others in the market. A lot of research was done into all competitors around the world and I work closely with the team developer to create a unique looking Shopify site.

Straight & clean

The Soomom feeling needed to come across through every media channel. I worked on EDM templates that have this feeling and worked directly with the social media manager to ensure consistency, but to create stand out products for the limited edition launches. 

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