In the digital world print media is still very important. It creates credibility. Printed mediums such as magazine, brochures and advertising show customers that you are serious about business, and that you offer a worthwhile product or service. The contribution of print media in providing information is remarkable. It has a very different impact to what we see online.


Printed materials create an engagement between the customer and the brand. A magazine or brochure can have a very strong value, one that is difficult to offer online. Picking something up, and holding it, means a lot to your customers, it will lead to brand awareness and sales. Talk to me and we can see the best way to get your services out there. A regular magazine, designed to match the company branding, can be a very strong investment. 


Print media is not dead. It carries on, it is not right for every brand out there, but it can add a giant advantage for your company. Let’s talk through what can be made, we can look at the costs here and see which medium is going to be more in-line with your budgets and aims.


This is our chance to look at what else is being created within your industry, and from competitors. We are looking out for certain styles, and for modernism, and then looking at ways of stepping ahead of that. I will create moodboards to narrow down which looks to focus on.


I cover everything here, from the creative and production side. Designing the full document, I also edit all images and create vector files needed within. Working directly with the printers I ensure the product comes out perfect, and fits within your marketing budgets. 

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