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WaterMinder is a very successful app, designed to help people stay hydrated. With over 6 million users they brought me in to create a guidebook, giving advice and recipes.
The book needed to be designed for print and digital, so needed to be resized and redeveloped for desktops, mobiles and tablets.


  • Print book
  • Fixed e-publication
  • Video editing
  • Music addition


  • Health conscious
  • Digital savvy
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional awareness


  • Print: 2020
  • Digital: 2021

Cookbook Research

‘Expert advice on hydration, or water wellness’ was the brief I was given for this book. Therefore a lot of research was needed, of physical books, to see how modern recipe and sport guides looked. It needed to be a combination of food, health and exercise.

Digital Redesign

For the book to work on all devices it needed to be rebuilt, so that text was readable on mobile. As we were taking a print book to digital it also gave us the chance to expand the recipe section. We added in video guides on how to make each drink, these were all edited by myself, and I helped find suitable music tracks.

hydration guide recipe
hydration guide cover 3D
hydration guide pineapple
hydration guide illustration

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