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Tigerair Australia was a popular low-cost airline, transporting more than 4.5 million passengers around Australia every year. Like all good airlines they had an inflight magazine, called tigertales. They were looking for a brand new style and design, so Publishing ByChelle brought me in to fully relaunch this title.


  • Magazine redesign
  • Typography direction
  • Colour palette
  • Styleguide


  • Young, 20-40
  • Adventure travellers
  • Budget
  • Bright


  • Bimonthly magazine
  • Dec 2019 – June 2020

Younger Demographic

TigerAir is aimed at a fairly young demographic. They attract many adventure travellers, rather than business users. The redesign had to stick to their pre-set company branding, but gave the opportunity to open this up. To make it bright, and make it loud! I wanted to give it a year 2020 feeling, and make all nomads reading book more flights with TigerAir. Working alongside editor Tatyana Leonov, we looked at editorial directions for issue one, and how we could continue those for the magazine’s lifetime. All issues we put out follow this same beautifully creative style, with writing and design.

Tigertales TigerAir inflight magazine street art feature 1
Tigertales TigerAir inflight magazine sydney gardens story
Tigertales TigerAir inflight magazine cover opener
Tigertales TigerAir inflight magazine sydney mardi gras story
Tigertales TigerAir inflight magazine cover
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“Jon Miller is a pleasure to work with. His work ethic and creative drive has been pivotal to the magazine’s success. Jon understands the key role design plays in portraying a client’s message, and his motivation to consistently tweak and improve the creative makes for an ever-evolving product that exceeds expectations.”


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