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Travel Without Limits is a magazine that aims to inform and inspire educators, therapists, and people living with disability. I helped launch the print magazine which comes out twice a year, and is the only travel magazine aimed at the disability community in Australia. I was also brought in the make a reflowable digital publicaiton, suitable for people with vision problems.


  • Print magazine
  • Reflowable digital mag
  • Full image editing
  • Styleguide


  • Travellers
  • Disability community
  • All abilities
  • Visual impairment


  • Biannual magazine
  • Jan 2019 – Present

Niche Audience

Having worked on a number of travel magazines I was brought in to work on this publication, aimed at people living with disability. It still needed a cool/quirky travel feel, but I was asked to ensure that every story gave specific and detailed information is needed for people to travel with confidence, so image choice is always essential here.

Digital Version

Every issue I need to take what has been produced for a print magazine and rebuild into a reflowable digital version. This is created inside Indesign and exported to a digital file uploaded to the Amazon store. This version is gives the reader full power over text size, making it suitable for all with visual impairments.

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